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December 16, 2020

2:15-3:45 pm

Introduction: NSF

Plenary Talks

  • Philip Wong, Stanford
  • Mark Rosker, DARPA
  • Larry Pileggi, CMU
  • Richard Ho, Google
  • Dev Shenoy, MOSIS

4:00-5:00 pm

Position statements:

  • Theme 1: Foundry access to advanced technologies by designers
    (Moderators: Erik Brunvand, Subhasish Mitra).
  • Theme 2: Foundry access for creating new technology demonstrators
    (Moderator: Philip Wong)
  • Theme 3: Access to design ecosystem - EDA tools, design flows, IP blocks.
    (Moderators: Subhasish Mitra, Erik Brunvand).

5:00-5:30 pm

Further Discussions and Concluding Remarks